space matters

Have you ever "bumped into someone" or felt like you were in the same place as others on a video call? We didn't think so.

The always-on, shared space you get in FRAME isn't just playful. It's powerful and personal.

Have you ever wanted to....

  • break into groups as easily as you can in the "real world"?
  • take people through 3D models, photospheres, or videospheres alongside documents, videos, audio, screenshares, and more?
  • have a place that your team or class can use any hour of the day, not just for scheduled meetings?
  • give a new kind of spatial presentation to your audience?
  • feel like you were in the same space as your team or class?
  • customize a dynamic 3D space that runs on desktop, mobile, or VR?
enter framesee use cases


While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.


Interact with other people as avatars and use voice chat, text chat, and more. 30 users at once - ask us if you need more scale.

customize your FRAME

Add images, documents, 3D models, 360 photos, 360 or flat videos, and audio to your FRAME. Everything stays right where you last put it.


Live stream from a webcam, use screen-sharing, draw on collaborative whiteboards, enjoy synced video/audio playback.


You decide who can view, edit, or interact with your FRAME. Boot who you need. Give access just to your teammates or students.


FRAME works from a web browser on desktop, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. No download, no install, no nonsense.

And lots more

Speech to text, live text chat translation, interactive buttons, links, password protection, admin/member roles, and plenty more. Dive in.


Some feedback we've gotten from users.


"How cool is this! Fire#virtual room in 3D space for organizing events and presentation! You can walk around, view videos, PDFs n 360 images from browser, mobile & VR headset...we’re prepping for our next #nodejs #meetup using @frame_vr"

Adam Paigge

"Just fell into a serendipitous meeting with @gabrieljbaker from @frame_vr. Probably the best presentation space on webxr that I've seen."

Greg Kulowiec

"So many helpful updates to @frame_vr, and I've finally finished a new video walk-through ...Private Audio Zones, Megaphone, Whiteboard & more! So much edu potential for remote learning:"

Matheus Dalla

Dude, Frame looks amazing...just made a quick test , and it reminds me of Just accessing a link is the best way to get in a meeting/video call.

Anthony White

Our virtual middle school art gallery is live! View all the fantastic student artwork and feel free to leavea comment inside. Thank you @frame_vr for creating such an easy tool to work with!

Yulia B

"The future of meetings and presentations will be in 3D platforms like @altspaceVR and @frame_vr. The way we design and deliver "presentations", or better yet, experiences will be different."

Kevin T. White

"If you are looking for an opportunity to host a class sesssion in a live VR space on a computer, HMD, or other device, this seems like the best option I have come across!

M. Marotta

Yes, I saw the VR art gallery, so inspiring! I watched your video on the site to get started and worked with a colleague. Exploring today!


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  • Have questions about Frame?
  • Need a custom version of FRAME with specific features, designs, or integrations?
  • Have an idea for an immersive, multi-user experience that lives on the web?

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