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Frame is the easiest way to enter and create the metaverse.

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Frame is meant for everyone, and you don't need to be a huge company to use or afford it.

Still, some pretty big places do:

Space matters

Have you ever "bumped into someone" or felt like you were in the same place as others on a video call?

We didn't think so.

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GIF of people in Frame blasting emojis at each other around a table in the metaverse.

create  virtual offices

Use one of our template offices, upload your own, or have us make a digital twin of a real-world space.

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teach in a 3D campus

Break into small groups easily, take virtual field trips, and let students become creators. The metaverse has all the campus space you can imagine.

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A virtual classroom in Frame showing a class taking place in the metaverse.
A virtual trade show taking place in Frame, with avatars and 3D and 2D assets scattered a virtual space in the metaverse.

host immersive events

Virtual conferences, trade shows, panels, and more. Give your audience space to explore, network, chat, and collaborate.

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FRAME use cases

Coca-Cola HBC
ConeX Collaborates 3.0
University of Massachusetts
Microsoft Office Media Group


While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.

GIF of people exploring a 360 photo with each other in the metaverse.


Interact as avatars with voice, text, and more. 100 at once (ask us about more).

GIF of people manipulating a 3D show inside Frame, showing off collaborative editing in the metaverse.

customize your FRAME

Add tons of assets, interactivity, branding, 3D models, and more. Upload your own 3D environments.

People using webcams next to their avatars in Frame for multi-modal communication in the metaverse.


Use webcam, screenshare, whiteboards, polls, and browsers.

A teacher setting up a virtual space in Frame using 3D models, 360 photos, and streaming screens.


Set permissions, passwords, user roles, and settings. Invite other admins or editors and build together.

A user in virtual reality manipulating the scale of a 3D model of a car inside Frame.


Use a browser on desktop, mobile, or VR. No download, no nonsense.

Using the Frame API to edit the metaverse over a REST API

Developer api

Our Frame API lets you create or edit assets, control permissions, add members/admins, and more over an easy REST API.

Use analytics to track traffic and events in your Frame metaverse.


See traffic stats and track events like links clicked, assets added, poll responses, and more.

A user in virtual reality manipulating the scale of a 3D model of a car inside Frame.

Translation, Closed captions

Real-time translations and closed captions make Frame more accessible.

Users in Frame drawing on the whiteboard asset for collaborative sessions in the metaverse.

And lots more

Explore 3D maps, live translation, teleport spots, closed captions, green screen video, visual effects, much more!

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Lights + Animated Lights in Environments

Lights and animated lights in your environment models.


The Text Area Asset and Using APIs

Text Labels, Text Areas, and Displaying Data from APIs

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