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Have you ever "bumped into someone" or felt like you were in the same place as others on a video call? We didn't think so.

The always-on, shared space you get in FRAME is playful, powerful and personal. It runs on the web from desktop, mobile, or VR.

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create a virtual office

Give your team a persistent, online space for meetings, water-cooler chats, presentations, hangouts, and more.

Use one of our template offices, upload your own, or have us make a digital twin of a real-world space.

Meetings in the metaverse.

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teach in a 3D campus

With video calls, students don't always feel together. In FRAME, they have a sense of togetherness, presence, and playfulness.

Break into small groups with ease, take virtual field trips, and let students become creators. The metaverse has all the campus space you can imagine.

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host immersive events

Virtual conferences, trade shows, panels, and more. Give your audience space to explore, network, chat, and collaborate.

Make use of spatial audio, 3D presentations tools, and vast, immersive spaces.

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FRAME use cases

ConeX Collaborates 3.0
Conex 2021 had a total of 26 manufacturing suppliers showcasing their companies. Companies involved in CNC machining, compositing, 3D printing, materials analysis, and software development all came together with University departments to showcase active suppliers in the UK manufacturing sector.
Trello had us create a digital twin of their NYC Office space, and they used it for an epic employee offset: Trello Together. They continue to use it for meetings, office walkthroughs, and more.
Go East Film Festival
The goEast Film Festival created a gorgeous FRAME in support of their showcase, and they used it to promote their event, to hold meetings, and to let guests have a shared video viewing experiences online.
Microsoft Office Media Group
The Microsoft Office Media Group held an epic, immersive event in a group of FRAMES. Team members were jumping between different virtual spaces to network with each other, collaborate, and explore.
Trello Together 2021
Trello brought their annual offsite "Trello Together 2021" to the virtual world in a digital twin of their NYC Office that we made for them.


While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.


Interact with other people as avatars and use voice chat, text chat, and more. 30 users at once - ask us if you need more scale.

customize your FRAME

Add images, documents, 3D models, 360 photos, 360 or flat videos, voice zones, buttons, particle effects, teleport spots, and audio to your FRAME. Everything stays where you last put it.


Live stream from a webcam, use screen-sharing, draw on collaborative whiteboards, use laser pointers, and enjoy synced video/audio playback.


You decide who can view, edit, or interact with your FRAME. Boot who you need. Give access just to your teammates or students. Bring everyone in the Frame to you with just a click.


FRAME works from a web browser on desktop, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. No download, no install, no nonsense.

And lots more

Speech to text, live text chat translation, interactive buttons, links, password protection, admin/member roles, 3D maps, and plenty more. Dive in.

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