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The metaverse is here. Immersive, connected worlds for collaboration, education, e-commerce, and more.
Our platform Frame makes it easy for you to create your own piece of the metaverse.

What for?

  • Immersive team meetings and a persistent online space
  • Engaging online education environments
  • Spatial, memorable online events
  • Showcasing products and places in 3D
  • Digital twins of real-world locations
  • An interactive, powerful alternative to a traditional web-site


Frame is the easiest way to get started in the metaverse. Desktop, mobile, and VR - on the web.

DIGITAL TWINS OF real world spaces, or something fantastical


You can use and tweak our pre-made models, upload your own 3D models, or have us make models for you based on your requirements.

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see how trello used frame

on Desktop, mobile, and VR

Trello had us create a digital twin of their NYC office and now they use it for online events, collaboration, and meetings. Spatial audio, file uploads, whiteboards, and much more. Check the vid below.

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