IIT-J Departmental Farewell
The Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Jodhpur, India used FRAME to organize a Departmental Farewell for the Class of 2021 BTech (Electrical Engineering), MTech (Sensors & IoT), MTech (Cyberphysical Systems), and Ph.D programs.
WebXR Developer Summit
The WebXR Developer Summit used FRAME as a web-based entry point for their online event, allowing people to view a common live stream in a shared 3D space across desktop, mobile, or VR. Guests were grouped by area of interest so that those interested in certain topics could discuss with each other while viewing the stream.
Go East Film Festival
The goEast Film Festival created a gorgeous FRAME in support of their event, and they used it to promote their event, to hold meetings, and to let online guests have have shared video viewing experiences online.
India National Institute of Science Education and Research
The NISR held virtual poster presentations for an academic conference on nuclear physics inside of FRAME, using the Expo Center environment to set up a place for researchers to display their work and discuss it with guests.
Microsoft Office Media Group
The Microsoft Office Media Group held an epic, immersive event in a group of FRAMES.