Dialog Virtual Store Inauguration
This event marks the inauguration of a virtual store experience where users got to learn more about Dialog's products and services.
William Trippley Soccer Training Facility
Will Trippley Foundation had us build a custom environment to support coach-student interaction in a virtual sports center with soccer fields, strategy zones, and classes.
Go East Film Festival
The goEast Film Festival created a gorgeous FRAME in support of their showcase, and they used it to promote their event, to hold meetings, and to let guests have a shared video viewing experiences online.
University of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts, Boston campus had us create a digital twin of parts of their campus (Morey Hall) to facilitate curriculum delivery, online education, and events.
PixelMill creates digital twins of office environments and more for usage in FRAME, both for themselves and for other clients. Click the "see more" button above to see an astonishing example of a real world space in London that they recreated in FRAME - their own office!