Andrew Wright, also known as iTeacher, has created a spectacular metaverse entirely dedicated to educational content and virtual classrooms, all within Frame.
WNE University Holds Immersive Open House
Western New England University holds a student-led, VR Open House
SCF Robotics Championship
State College of Florida in Manatee county hosted the first live tournament for 24 teams. Teams in Florida competed on January 15th and used FRAME as a tool to broadcast their robotics competition.
Open House at Mahidol University
Mahidol University hosted prospective students of the incoming class with their parents in 6 FRAME spaces for an introduction to the institution.
Youth Art Gallery
Kodiak Middle School in Alaska held an artwork exhibit to showcase the creative minds of its 8th-grade students.
The Erasmus Students Network at the Department of Thrace uses FRAME for student member meetings. Their members are scattered throughout Greece.
Tape Letters Project
Tape Letters is an oral history project that archives messages on cassette tapes from families who migrated to the UK between 1950 and 1970. Curators made a provocative, virtual exhibition to represent this project virtually.