Build a virtual classroom or entire campus in 3D and give your students an interactive virtual learning environment, in the browser

Frame is a metaverse created by teachers, for teachers.

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let your students collaborate

With video calls, students don't always feel together. In Frame, they have a sense of togetherness, presence, and playfulness.

Real-time conversations

Frames are always live, so you and your students can meet up for classes but also collaboration and office-hours outside of class time.

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Online College Campus

host guest lectures

Go beyond classes, conduct interactive sessions and collaborative workshops in the same social space, powered by Frame.

easily onboard experts via browser

No download, no sign ups — Invite your guests to your Frame and let them join in with the click of a button.

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teach a virtual class

With video calls, students don't always feel engaged. Instead, bring them together in 3D for real-time online learning, in FRAME.


Use a wide range of content to deliver your curriculum, including images, videos, PDFs, 3D models, and 360 assets.

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frame for real-time learning and creative content sharing

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TOP FEATURES for educators

While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.

Multiple environments

With multiple default environments, FRAME lets you not only conduct classes in a room, but in an open campus, an island, or even in a photosphere. You can also bring in your own world to FRAME.

organise content with scenes

Take your students on a journey by seamlessly creating a lesson flow with Scenes. Structure your content into different Scenes within the same FRAME and switch between them with one click.

BREAKOUT with Private voice zones

Divide your class into teams and let them collaborate as a group within your Frame with Private Voice Zones. Your students can interact in a closed space while you monitor.



Transport your students to any city, planet, or era with 360 content in FRAME.

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ORganise Workshops

Host multiple presentations, panel discussions, and student showcases.

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Interactive Q&A in Classes

Engage students, like long time FRAME user Steve Guynup does, with scenes.

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Some feedback we've gotten from users.

Anthony White

Our virtual middle school art gallery is live! View all the fantastic student artwork and feel free to leavea comment inside. Thank you @frame_vr for creating such an easy tool to work with!

Greg Kulowiec

"So many helpful updates to @frame_vr, and I've finally finished a new video walk-through ...Private Audio Zones, Megaphone, Whiteboard & more! So much edu potential for remote learning: https://youtu.be/zR0SXcwE0Mw"

Kevin T. White

"If you are looking for an opportunity to host a class sesssion in a live VR space on a computer, HMD, or other device, this seems like the best option I have come across!