virtual EVENTS in 3d

Go beyond video with immersive events on the web, and take people to a whole new dimension with Frame.

Join from browser on desktop, mobile, and VR.

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Organise corporate retreats

break the monotony of videos

Engage your employees and give them a sense of togetherness, presence, and playfulness with 3D interaction in the browser.

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Break the monotony of videos and engage your employees with a sense of togetherness, presence, and playfulness.
Host workshops and presentations. No download - just invite your speakers to Frame and let them join with the click of a button.

Host WORKSHOPS and presentations

easily onboard guests via browser

No download, no sign ups — Invite your speakers to Frame and let them join in with the click of a button.

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HOST exhibitions and showcases

make your work accessible 24/7

Frames are persistent - your audience can explore your work together for an interactive event, or stroll the aisles independently.

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Creating galleries of content for your audience to explore, either together or independently, is drag-and-drop easy with Frame. The metaverse is here.

TOP FEATURES for 3d events

While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.

Desktop, mobile, or VR compatible.


Let your users join in from their desktop, mobile, tablets, or even VR headsets! 

Frame has closed captions and translations for global interactions and accessibility.

go global

Use the two-tiered real time speech-to-text + translation tool and reach out to a global audience

Live stream, screen-share, draw on whiteboards, enjoy synced video and audio playback...all in the metaverse.

content and tools

Live stream from a webcam, use screen-sharing, draw on collaborative whiteboards, or enjoy synced video/audio playback.

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some recent events in frame


MIT built a custom space in the metaverse to display student work in an immersive way. They held workshops inside of it.

MIT Media group hosted part of their CHI workshops in FRAME. They also used the space to host information about the event, accessible 24/7.

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Trello together

Trello held an annual retreat in VR inside of a digital twin of their NYC office that we built for them.

TTVR  — the company's annual retreat went online this year, with employees meeting in their virtual NY office, on their Oculus headsets.

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Carrefour held a recruitment event inside of Frame with a large session and then breakout talks with candidates.

Carrefour held a recruitment event inside of Frame with a large session and then breakout talks with candidates using our Resort environment with their own Branding.

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The Frame logo. The metaverse is here.


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