Go beyond product lists

Bring your products out of flat screens, to the virtual world with a 3D showroom in FRAME.

real time demonstrations

Conduct real-time and asynchronous product demonstrations with multiple people engaged simultaneously.

always-OPEN virtual SHOWROOM

Cater to a global audience with an online setup open 24*7. Let your users walk into your FRAME showroom and explore your products, at any hour of the day.

Product Links to YOUR E-shop

Seamlessly convert your viewers to buyers by linking your product assets to your cart. Send them directly to your checkout page, from your FRAME showroom.



While having lots of features, we make FRAME as easy to use as we can. No coding, plenty of learning videos, and a supportive user community. We're here to help.


If you have a .glb file of your store, you can upload it as an environment and bring your showroom to the virtual world.

customize your FRAME

Add images, documents, 3D models, 360 photos, 360 or flat videos, audio, and more to your FRAME. Everything stays right where you last put it.


FRAME works from a web browser on desktop, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. No download, no install, no nonsense. Chromebooks? No problem.


You decide who can view, edit, or interact with your FRAME showroom. Remove who you need. Designate your colleagues as admins and empower your team to manage the store.


Interact with your shoppers as avatars and use voice chat, text chat, and more. Invite 30 users at once for a showcase - ask us if you need more scale.

And lots more

Dive in.


  • Have questions about Frame?
  • Need a custom version of FRAME with specific features, designs, or integrations?
  • Have an idea for an immersive, multi-user experience that lives on the web?

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